Our Story

Leila’s Larder represents a product range created and developed by Leila during her time working as a private chef in Notting Hill Gate, London, of condiments prepared by hand using: internationally inspired flavours, carefully sourced and home grown ingredients. Our ever evolving product range non-exclusively includes jams, chutneys, curry pastes, vinegars and flavoured oils. Leila’s Larder featuring The Global Ketchup Company represents an ancillary product range that focuses on creating and developing handmade fruit and vegetable ketchups using: internationally inspired flavours, carefully sourced and home grown ingredients.


Shortly after meeting her partner Philip, Leila decided to give up practising finance law and develop a radically different career in food. Being half Scottish Canadian and half Palestinian Greek, brought up in Athens and from a long line of accomplished food enthusiasts, Leila developed a passion for cooking at an early age. From the financial crash of 2008 the demand for junior finance lawyers began to slow to an all time low and after years of back breaking struggle to qualify into a large city firm Leila yearned for the freedom of self employment. Leila soon found a job working as a private chef to wealthy Notting Hill Gate based clients and did not look back. After a year working on her own, Philip moved from Athens to London joining forces with Leila and expanding their client base in London. With Philip’s help sourcing high quality herbs and spices from Athens, Leila found herself increasingly fascinated by spice and spice blending. During this time Leila began to develop certain flavour shortcuts for her own use, keeping the final culinary products authentically her own by creating her own range of curry pastes, marinades, fruit and spice and herb vinegars and ketchups. These shortcuts proved so popular Leila started casually selling some of her sauces to supplement her catering income. Together they soon hatched a plan to escape the clutches of the big city and start a business together in earnest. 


With strong ties to both Scotland and Greece the couple quickly decided that Scotland was the best location to start up a business manufacturing ketchups and condiments. With its abundance of quality seaside farmland, increased good food awareness and demand, Fife’s coast offered the ideal spot for starting-up. Having found a property that came complete with its own fruit orchard, plentiful berry bushes and two large vegetable patches just outside of the stunning village of Crail, Leila and Philip immediately got stuck into the garden and the kitchen experimenting and celebrating the local produce towards developing the product range possibilities.

Leila Ann Slim